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Incorrigible Updates – More

So first let me apologize for being pretty bad about this entire blogging thing. Like most people in the world I’m pretty busy with my 8 to 5 job and trying to fit in a time to work out and work on various progress. Altered Realities is currently being reviewed by the alpha readers and I’m hoping to hear back from them soon. My 2nd book A Goddess’s Gifts is now free on Amazon. You can get it here if you haven’t already.

I’ve also started a twitch stream for my video gaming and my writing. I basically only write for a bit on Sunday but I like to show I am working on stuff so. So if you want to see my twitch stream I’d recomend that you head over to

I know this isn’t really much of an update in all things considered. I’m working on stuff that aren’t writing related and it galls me that for what I want to do I have to split my focus in so many different areas. I play the video games and twitch stream for two important reasons. To give me a mental break from all the stress in my day to day life, as they were intended, and to practice talking/working on my voice.

I don’t really say much about my life, my personal physical life, but I’m working towards a goal I’ve wanted and dreamed of having for 23 years. Most of my life since by the end of this month I’ll be 36 years old. This is a goal and a dream I’ve had forever. Since I could learn to setup goals and work towards them. I’ve already proven I can write a novel or two, since I’m on my third and I’m working on my 4th novel. So I’ve achieved that. I’ve more or less got a stable career as a Systems Analyst for a medical software company. I’m slowly growing friends from my move from Indiana to Virginia.

And I’m really good as Mercy in overwatch. I’ve got at least 75% of my 100+ hours in that game wrapped up in that one character. It’s the small things.

The other thing I wanted to let everyone know I’m doing is I’m taking part in Extra Life. My personal Donation link is here. Normally in the past I’ve not been in a position to really play and donate. I always donate. I may be an angry person but I’m not a bitch. I really do care about children and wish the best for them and being that I’m a gamer this has ALWAYS appealed to me. So why wouldn’t I now that I’ve setup my system stream my support and try and gain a few bucks in the process? If you can PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate a few bucks, even a fiver, will help out the children. And if you don’t want to donate to my feed and the children’s hospital in Virginia then I highly encourage you to find someone in your area and donate to their feed for that hospital. I’ve set my personal goal at 500 dollars and it’s pretty high but I hope to reach it.

So stay tuned, I’m still around and I’m still doing things. I want my fans to be able to interact with me and I figured Twitch might be one of the best ways to do that. And not only that it gives me access to people who weren’t aware of what I was working on.

Oh and go vote if you’re able to. Please. I want you to vote for anyone but Trump, sadly Bernie was to honorable and laid down to Clinton, but it’s your choice. If you think Trump and Pence, much as I’ll hate you and not want to talk to you, better aligns to your beliefs then you gotta vote with your gut.

So yeah… Get my Free Book, Go to my Stream, Donate to Extra-Life and go Vote.

Incorrigibly Yours,

J. E. Flint

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