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Film Review – Dr. Strange

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m writing a review for Doctor Strange. I saw it opening weekend like quite a few people. And like always I am to give this a review with as few spoilers as possible as I share my thoughts on this movie. And as far as a movie goes I’ve got to say I’m still pleasantly surprised with Marvel. I expected this one to be a flop. Just like Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-man. Now don’t get me wrong, I like those movies and I’m glad they make money and we can continue to get movies. I’m hopeful that the Black Panther movie will be good. I’m only mildly interested in Thor’s next movie. Mostly because it’s Thor and the second movie really didn’t do anything for me. But then neither did Iron Man 2 or Iron Man 3 if I had to be honest. So far I’ve liked all of Caps movies so it might just be the story structure and flow of the movies.

But then it’s not. See… without giving away a spoiler this is basically an Origin story. Only if you’re familiar with your marvel timeline… it’s not. See in Captain America Civil War Rhodes gets downed and that’s directly referenced in this movie. So we know it’s taking place some time around the time when Rhodey is in rehab or close to surgery date. So we have that firmly entranced in the movie. Only in Captain America, curse you cap, Winter Soldier the list of potential targets to be taken out is Dr. Strange. Now how can he be a problem for Hydra so far in the future? I’m not one to point out a flaw in the a big cinematic universe but that’s a pretty gaping hole that I’m betting Marvel didn’t think us fans would notice. And I caught that through on the first watching. And I’m not the most devout fan of Marvel comics. I’m a fan girl, don’t get me wrong, but there are certain characters I don’t care about. Jessica Jones for instance I only watched because David Tennat was the villain. I watched Luke Cage and liked that, I watched Dare Devil and enjoyed the second season more than the first. So I have my picks of heroes I want to see. Like I loved Deadpool so my taste is kinda iffy sometimes.

Now if you’ve seen this movie you’ll probably recognize it for basically being an Iron Man origin story and that’s I think is it’s problem. It’s a good movie and I give it 3 out of 5 stars. But the fact that Strange is something of a jokester is just making my head spin. We now have pretty much all the main characters having this sort of swarmy/sarcastic humour and for a lot of these characters it just doesn’t work. Thor isn’t known for his joking nature, sure he’s jovial but his jokes aren’t the snark of Tony Stark. But it seems like the screenwriters are being told to channel Tony Stark’s snark. And don’t get me started on how wishy washy the character it is. Tony, cause we can’t really get in his head in group ensemble cast, comes off as being flighty and indecisive changing his stances as often as a politician. If this is going to set him up to be the Secretary of State like he is in Marvels Disassembled then that’s great but I highly doubt we’re going this route.

So anyway back to Strange and the movie is pretty visually stunning. This is one of the few times I’m glad I cannot wear 3-D glasses over my own glasses. Because I have a feeling a lot of the scenes would have left me sick from the constant camera shift and the world environment changes you see in the trailer. Cause those fight scenes are pretty long and they are filled with a lot of shifting scenery. On the whole I think most of the characters work for each of the cast but I can’t for the life of me figure out what Cumberbatch dropped his English accent for Strange. I’ve always thought Strange would be a highly articulate and well spoke individual and for some reason in my head he was british. And I don’t say that because I like guys with accents, I do but only specific ones, and Cumberbatch needs to put some meat on his bones before I find him visually appealing. Give me Evans, Chadwick Boseman or Mike Colter and we’ll talk. But the thing with Dr. Strange is he’s so perfectly human in this. He is a phenomenal doctor, we’re told, and we see him struggle with his mortality in this movie and rise and overcome it. Unlike what we see with the other marvel heroes this character has actually grown by the end of the movie and it feels like a great accomplishment and I appreciate that. It never felt like that with Tony of Steve and even with Luke it just doesn’t really reverberate that these characters are growing and evolving.

Now granted this is simply because Doc Strange has to become the sorcerer supreme but his character did sort of do a 180 over the course of the flick so I’m excited to see where this goes.

Incorrigibly yours,

J.E. Flint

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