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Altered Realities Release Date

Good evening everyone,

It’s been a bit of time since I last posted here. For that I appologize but I wanted to let you guys know that my third novel is now completed and will be out on February 20th. You can find Altered Realities on Amazon or on Smashwords. Like always  the books is only a buck to make it more affordable for my fans and hopefully to encourage people to buy my books. I’d rather people be able to afford the book and not having to stress about the cost of the book instead of wondering if they can pay 8.00 dollars for a kindle book.

So to give a little history on Altered Realities for those that are not in the know. Back when I was still working on the basic scripts for The Chronicles of Loth I was pointed at a website that had a website that was offering a reward, I don’t recall what at this point as it’s been 10+ years at this point, and I entered in and managed to get into 4th place. Which was the first spot to not get any reward in that contest. Mostly because those judges didn’t understand Urban Fantasy, the exact quote was “I can’t wrap my mind around an elf who uses a cell phone.” Which to me was just as common as picking up a pencil to write a paragraph. I didn’t understand people would have conceptual problem with an elf and that cell phones and elves couldn’t be in the same areas. And as I found out today someone had a problem with the Angel and Demon that the half dragons had been replaced to.

So what originally started off as a Chronicles of Loth spinoff story where it was going to be Mirlinth and the other characters was updated to what is now Altered Realities. In fact Serah was originally named Mirlinth and Ebony was originally Sevikira. The concept of it was my take on manipulating reality and seeing what different theories of reality were. That’s what I wanted to do. I like to take my original story and then take different ideas and see what happens. That’s where Altered Realities came in. The original idea for Altered Realities came out of a dream sequence where Mirlinth was losing Ralidant to Sevikira because she’d gained McGuffin powers so naturally that plot thread popped into my head and I had to write it. So when the contest was shown to me it was only like 35 pages or so. Not that long but now the book is somewhere around 200 pages which when you consider that the story was only 30 pages or so which makes it like almost a 500% increase in the size of the story.

So hopefully you’ll take a chance to go and preorder the new book I’ve spent the better part of ten years working on. Hopefully you’ll enjoy and you’ll be looking forward to my next book, which I hope will not be nearly that long. A Goddess’s Gifts was written in the span of a few months. The reason Altered Realities took so long to finish was to hopefully avoid as much as possible any continuity issues like you would see in longer running games or time travel novels. I’m hoping my love of time travel and my plotting for my own time travel novel would help with that, plus with my strong critical eye looking for issues.

So until my next update….

Incorrigibly yours,

J. E. Flint

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