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Altered Realities Released

Good morning everyone,

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Altered Realities is now available for purchase at the Amazon store. There’s a link to the side under the support an author link. I’m excited that this story is now out of my head. It was a labor of love for the last ten years and even though it is no longer a Chronicles of Loth spin off like I had originally intended it is now I think a better story for this.

If you have a chance go pick up the kindle edition, it’s only a dollar, the paperback will be out for 6.00 later. If you can’t afford that then I can’t really help you. I always strive to make my books affordable for everyone and a dollar is certainly affordable.

So please go check it out and buy a copy of Altered Realities.

Incorrigibly yours,

J. E. Flint

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