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Film Review – Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2

So it’s been a few days since I saw this movie, naturally because I’m a Marvel Fan Girl I saw this opening weekend. I waited until Sunday and there was still an almost packed theater in a part of town that’s well out of the way for a lot of people. So it’s done well for itself. Like most of my reviews I will try and stay spoiler free.

So I was not able to stay preview free this time around because everyone insisted on showing me the Groot stuff and I liked Groot in the first movie. I cried when Groot sacrificed himself for the team and laughed when he started to dance. But for me Rocket was the one with all the great lines in that first movie. Drax was ok, and trust me I like Bastista from WWE and honestly when you watch this movie you get a very Revenge of the Jedi feel. Baby Groot is supposed to be an Ewok. He is made to be cute and cuddly and sell toys to kids. Kids are meant to like him and he’s a lovable little character but I actually grew tired of him. The other thing I got tired off, and again the audience was aimed directly at children. Towards the end of the movie with Rocket and the ravageners I was like Jesus can we get this over with?

The other parts were good in my opinion Kurt Russell stole this movie. And not to give spoilers but as Ego the Living Planet I was honestly ecstatic because I was not expecting the living planet. I’ve always loved Ego. I loved in the exiles when he showed up and tried to convert the earth into another living planet. I don’t know why but a lot of the cosmic villains don’t get the due they deserve. Honestly the cosmic side of Marvel gets no real attention because what exactly do you do with those folks. That’s why they rebooted Guardians with the most current cast. And if baby Groot annoyed me Celestial Mantis made me want to hurt her. In the comics she’s a wise celestial diva but in this she was basically a naive child and that was annoying… but what really really annoyed me? Her eyes. It was like getting a look at one of those almost realistic robots and just getting the shudders.

The incluse of Sly as Dark Hawk or Star Hawk or ever was ok, and unless you really knew the comics you’d not know who he was or the after scene with him and a few of the ravangers. We got to see a lot of character development for our secondary characters, Drax and Rocket, but nothing really nothing new from Gamora or Starlord. They remained essentially the same which does not bode well for a third movie. Oh sure there was a bit of development between Gamora and her sister but on the whole you could have cut it out and it wouldn’t have done much for Gamora. It was more intricate again for a supporting cast member. Rocket I feel got the most deserved screen time. Sure he’s a dirty and angry furry but he had a bit of growth as a character that really none of the others got. Drax we got to see a bit of his thought process but really it doesn’t add a whole lot to the character and could have been cut safely if it wasn’t for the stuff with mantis.

And the music this time didn’t feel like it connected as well as the first time. A number of the last movies songs got stuck in my head, this time it wasn’t as catchy. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the songs but none of them were any that I had to download. I am however sorely tempted to download the disco guardians song they played in the credits. It just didn’t feel like it matched the tone of the movie like the first one did.

So all said and done it sounds like I’m giving a lot of negatives about the movie but those are the only things I could find that were wrong with it. Sure it was a bit goofier… a lot goofier than I would have liked but it didn’t annoy me that much. The music wasn’t as memorable but the characters that weren’t getting expanded were stable and that’s good. One of my biggest complaints of Tony Stark is in the Avengers you don’t get to see his thought process and he comes off like a spaz. More so in Winter Solider. You don’t get that with Starlord or Gamora or Drax or Rocket. You get that they’re put together pretty well. So that is a refreshing change, but that’s probably because of the dynamic of the group being started off as a group movie instead of trying to merge everyone into a movie where everyone was a main character like you get with the earth heroes.

All said and done I enjoyed the movie, I probably won’t see it multiple times in theaters like I did the first but all said and done they’re equally good movies and I’d give it a 3 out of 5 which if I recall is the same as the first one. So it kept it’s course and I think you’ll be happy with spending the money to see it. I’m certainly looking forward to having it in my DVD Collection.

Incorrigibly Yours,

J.E. Flint

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